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The best icon packs for designers, developers, and creators with a treasury of exquisite icons. Elevate your projects with timeless style and endless possibilities.
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Cool line icons
1/6 - Type / Line Icons
Duoline symbols
2/6 - Types / Duoline Icons
Duotone icon libary
3/6 - Types / Duotone Icons
Broken Icon style
4/6 - Types / Broken Icons
Mono icon set - iconstica
5/6 - Types / Mono Icons
Filled icons download for free
6/6 - Types / Filled Icons

Iconstica pack’s Feature-Spotlight

Figma-ready icon library

Discover our carefully curated collection of 4000+ icons, designed for simplicity and easy editing in Figma. Try the free icon sets

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Web-based icons kit

Say goodbye to tedious searches and maintain unique styles between components. Experience the best icon pack for web-based design.

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6 styles

4000+ icons

Line Icon
Broken Icon
Duotone Icon
Duoline Icon
Mono Icon
Filled Icon
SVG Optimization

Ultra Optimized for SVG

Minimum number of shapes and no unnecessary attributes. Easily change icon colors in code.

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Filter Filed Icon

<path stroke="#bb1bff" fill="#bb1bff">

What you will get

Get full access to all web app icons, plus exclusive below formats.

Free figma icon set

Figma file

Built on variants, over 4,000+ effortlessly customizable, seamless, and uniform icons.

SVG icon libary free

All icons in SVG format

Scale, Modify, Use as Image, Implement as Code, or Infuse Animation - Unleash the Power of .svg Icons.

IconJar icon pack download


IconJar simplifies icon management with organized libraries, search, tags, design tool integration, and more.

Try the free Web-app version or Download free package here!

Organized and Expanding Categories

All icon categories are nicely separated by frames, icon styles are clearly organized using Figma Variants. We’re always adding more categories.

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Who it is for

Iconstica is perfect for designers, developers, and content creators looking to enhance their projects with the best icon packs.

Pricing simplicity, lifetime value



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4000+ icons & growing
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FAQ Central

Explore our FAQs for instant answers to popular inquiries. For more specific assistance, don't hesitate to Reach out to us.

What is Iconstica?

Iconstica is a comprehensive collection of over 4000+ meticulously designed icons, offering a diverse range of styles and categories. It's a versatile resource crafted for designers, developers, and content creators to enhance their projects with professional and visually appealing icons.

How are Iconstica different from any other icons pack?

Iconstica stands out from other icon packs through its unique features, including live editing capabilities in Figma, continuously variable curvature for corners, and a vast selection of icons. These distinctive qualities provide users with greater flexibility and creative control over their designs.

Why should I buy icons?

Purchasing icons from Iconstica is a valuable investment as it saves time, ensures design consistency, and enhances the overall user experience. With a one-time payment, you gain lifetime access to the entire icon library and receive free updates, making it a cost-effective choice.

Do I need to pay for Figma?

No, Figma is a separate tool, and you don't need to pay for it to use Iconstica icons. Iconstica provides icons in various formats, including SVG, which can be used with different design tools.

Is it a one-time payment for the icon library?

Yes, Iconstica offers a one-time payment for access to its extensive icon library. This payment grants you lifetime access and includes free updates, ensuring you have a valuable resource for the long term.

What's included in this icon pack?

Iconstica offers a comprehensive package designed to meet diverse design needs. Here's what's included:

  • • 4000+ icons in 6 styles for versatile projects
  • • Feature-rich Figma file for seamless editing
  • • SVG and IconJar packages for flexible customization
  • • Web-App access for streamlined workflow
  • • 23 organized categories for easy navigation
  • • Continuous updates for evolving trends

What about missing icons?

If you come across missing icons in Iconstica that you need for your project, you can request them. The team behind Iconstica is dedicated to expanding the library to meet users' needs.

Where can I use Iconstica Icons?

Iconstica icons can be used in a variety of design projects, including web and mobile applications, presentations, print materials, and more. They are versatile and adaptable to different creative contexts.

Can I use icons without Figma?

Yes, you can use Iconstica icons without Figma. The icons are available in SVG and PNG format, which is compatible with various design tools, allowing you to incorporate them into your preferred design software.

Creatives are talking

The versatility and quality of the icons are impressive indeed.

M. Asghar
PH Expert

Awesome, every icon is beautiful, which really comes in handy for indie developers like me who don't have professional design skills!


Loved your library and even more knowing that it's Figma-ready. Hats off for this amazing job team.

Germán Merlo
Digital Entrepreneur

What an extensive library!!!!!

Ezgi Arslantay
Co-founder at fucimo

The tech and e-commerce sets are amazing i must give you guys that. Good one peeps 😁

Prem Saini
Founder Zixflow

Iconstica looks awesome! The extensive collection and seamless Figma integration are fantastic.

Jackieline Cosares
Digital Marketing Executive

I really appreciate the large collection of 4110 icons in different categories. It's so convenient to have such a wide variety of icons available to use.

Cesare Stautz

These are some really nice categories of icons that designers would find very helpful going forward.

Muzammil Merchant
Visual Designer

I’m impressed with the web-based app’s functionality, allowing for easy color changes and SVG code copying.

Sultan Ansari

I'm really impressed by the range of icon styles available. Having six different styles to choose from gives us plenty of options for different project needs, which is great.

Emilio Chongbang
Cloud Computing Experts

Iconstica is an excellent choice for designers and developers looking to add an iconic touch to their projects.

Nicola Lanzilotto
Sr Frontend Dev at Tiledesk

I am impressed with the vast collection of icons on Iconstica!

Umar Saleem
Digital Marketing Executive

Great Tool! I appreciate the variety of icon styles available. It’s great to have options like Filled, Mono, and Duotone all in one place

Mercy James
UX Designer

What a cute design Salim!

Anastasiia Stepko
Chief Product Officer @ DAT.AI

Get the icon library that will supercharge your designs.

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