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Ultimate Icon Hub for Designers

For visionary designers seeking unparalleled flexibility, Iconstica offers a dynamic library of 4000+ UX/UI icons, ensuring seamless customization in every project.

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Why Iconstica?

We understand the pain of sourcing the perfect icons – it's like fitting shoes from different stores, a real headache! Designers often need varied icon styles, leading to a chaotic mix of libraries in one project. But fear not, Iconstica is here for product designers! Our icons come with a sleek Figma file, allowing customization for a seamless fit into your designs. Whether you prefer simplicity or intricate details, Iconstica provides the tools to make your projects shine.

Bid farewell to design headaches; Iconstica is your solution!


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You can easily tweak icons to fit your design just right.
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Add your own flair with a choice of six distinct styles.
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Use these icons in as many projects as you'd like.
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Enjoy a growing collection of icons with no extra cost.
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Need something specific? Request new icons.

Use cases

Here are few use cases(visual examples) where we have used Iconstica icons. Feel free to preveiew demo or clone in you Figma for free.

Iconstica: The key to design brilliance

Grab your icon library and transform your work!