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Iconstica pack’s Feature-Spotlight

Live stroke & radius
Line Stroke

Effortless Bulk Editing in Figma

Figma lets you bulk edit, adjusting thickness & corner radius for all icons at once with a few clicks.

Smooth corners by default


Enjoy Apple-like continuously variable curvature on every corner, a unique feature not found in most free icon packs.

Help Icon
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Smooth Corners

Swap Icons

Dribble Icon
Switch one icon to another
Dropbox Icon
Switch one style to another

Switch icons seamlessly, no need to search or lose their unique styles when switching between components.

Figma Sidebar Menu Screenshot
Figma Navigation

Smart Search that provides results

Discover icons effortlessly with our smart tagging system and avoid icon overload in all styles. Iconstica offers the best icon library for easy searching.

Figma Icon Search

How to customize

Get the icon library that will supercharge your designs.

Find the perfect icon for every project, from websites and apps to freelance work.