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Visual Brilliance for Every Line of Code

Designed for web developers by seasoned coders, our library includes 4000+ icons tailored for front-end development, with 700+ free options to enhance your projects.

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Why Iconstica?

We understand as developers you need icons with consistency, versatility, compatibility, comprehensive documentation, and regular updates for a seamless and efficient integration into your projects. Dive into the Iconstica experience, where the world of web development unfolds with 4000+ captivating icons. Enhance your coding journey with free icons designed exclusively for web development.  

Embrace the best in web development icons.


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Icons optimized for easy integration across codes.
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Enjoy free icons that maintain visual clarity and quality at different sizes.
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Explore the best free icon packs curated for website development.
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Clear and easily recognizable icons by function

Need something specific? Request new icons tailored to your needs.

Use cases

Here are few use cases(visual examples) where we have used Iconstica icons. Feel free to preveiew demo or clone in you Figma for free.

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