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Inspiring Icon Packs for Content Creators

Step into Iconstica, where content creators find a curated collection of 4000+ icons to enhance their digital masterpieces. Elevate your content creation journey with a blend of professional social media icons, and a specially crafted icon pack for creators.

Tell your story through artful icons.

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Why Iconstica?

Tailored for content creators, Iconstica transforms your digital canvas with 4000+ icons, including a dedicated pack for social media. Dive into a world where icons seamlessly blend into your content creation, bringing your stories to life with every click.


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Access 4000+ icons tailored for creators' unique needs.
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Get icons made to convey information more effectively to your audience.
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Choose to maintain brand consistency across different platforms.
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Illustrate points, highlight key information, or add a creative touch.

Use cases

Here are few use cases(visual examples) where we have used Iconstica icons. Feel free to preview demo or clone in you Figma for free.

Enhance and illustrate better with Iconstica icons for creators

Grab your icon library and transform your work!